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Although PMS is due to hormonal fluctuations and fluctuations in neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, other factors such as stress, a nutritionally inadequate diet, lack of exercise and sleep, and a hectic or sedentary lifestyle can exacerbate the symptoms. Because most women exhibit as many as four to ten symptoms one to two weeks prior to menstruation, PMS can have a drastic effect on women’s lives,  from relationships with family and friends, to work productivity and the ability to appreciate and enjoy daily life.

Franklin Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine offers natural treatments for PMS utilizing acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutritional supplements.  Whether you suffer from PMS symptoms on occasion or a monthly basis, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can offer a safe, natural and effective approach to alleviate these symptoms. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine may hold the key to a healthier, balanced, PMS-free life.

At Franklin Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, our role is to investigate the underlying causes leading to your PMS symptoms.  After a thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine what organ and meridian systems are out of balance, they treat PMS symptoms according to each individual patient’s imbalances and concerns.

Acupuncture can address PMS symptoms naturally.   The National Institute of Health (NIH)1 has issued a consensus report that suggested acupuncture is effective in the treatment of menstrual cramps, and other symptoms associated with PMS.

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1 National Institutes of Health (NIH) – National Institutes of Health Consensus Conference on Acupuncture, Program & Abstracts (Bethesda, MD, November 3-5, 1997). Office of Alternative Medicine and Office of Medical Applications of Research. Bethesda.

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