Alpha-gal Allergy

Alpha-gal Allergy


What is Alpha-gal Allergy?

Alpha-gal allergy is also known as “red meat allergy” or “mammalian meat allergy”.  It is an allergy to a sugar found in most mammals called galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose (alpha-gal for short).  Alpha-gal is not only found in the meat of mammals, it can be found in certain products derived from mammals.  This includes some cosmetics, medications, personal hygiene products, vaccines, and more.  Due to the large number of items containing alpha-gal, it can be very difficult to avoid it.

How is Alpha-gal allergy acquired?

Alpha-gal allergy has been linked to the bites of lone star ticks.  Research is now pointing to the idea that other insects, such as chiggers can trigger an alpha-gal allergy.  Not everyone develops an allergy to alpha-gal after a bite, as there are a multitude of factors involved for the allergy to occur.  This includes genetics, overall immune health, and other environmental factors.

Treatment for Alpha-gal Allergy

At Franklin Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, we offer Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment (SAAT) for the treatment of Alpha-gal allergy.  SAAT was developed by Dr. Nader Soliman, an innovator in the field of auricular (ear) acupuncture.  The development of SAAT has resulted in the remission of Alpha-gal allergy for thousands of Americans.  We are very pleased to  be offering this life changing alpha-gal treatment to the people of Tennessee and the southeastern United States.

What does SAAT entail?

  • The consultation, testing, and treatment is all completed on the day of your visit.  Previous allergy test results are not required prior to having SAAT at Franklin Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, but they are welcomed. 
  • The treatment process involves the insertion of tiny (3mm) needles into the ear.  Each needle is covered by a small piece of medical adhesive tape and is left in the ear for three weeks.  This resets the immune response to the alpha-gal sugar.  Once the needles are removed, immunological desensitization to alpha-gal will continue.


Current Pricing: Initial Visit (through Aug 31st): $250 (includes consult, testing, and treatment with ear needles)

Additional Costs ($150): Re-check and phone follow-up ($75) after needle removal and re-exposure to alpha-gal. We have recently added a sublingual alpha-gal spray (75 plus tax) in order to optimize results. 

New Treatment Structure & Fee Structure Starting Sept 1, 2020

As of September 1st, our SAAT protocol will include additional steps.  

1) Initial in office visit (consult, testing, and acupuncture treatment): $300

2) Sublingual spray for alpha-gal ($75 plus tax)

3) Re-check post needle removal and phone follow-up post re-exposure to alpha-gal ($75)

Total cost to be paid at time of initial visit as of Sept 1: $450 plus tax

What are the Typical Results of SAAT for Alpha-gal?

Franklin Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine has observed a 95% percent success rate in patients who follow post-treatment instructions.  This success rate is typically observed after the first round of treatment.  However, some patients may require subsequent treatments.  Complete desensitization to alpha-gal typically takes place between two and five weeks after removal of the needles.  Some alpha-gal cases may require one or two follow-up treatments, but this is not the majority of the cases.