Non-Needle Techniques

As made popular by Michael Phelps during the last summer Olympic Games cupping and other non-needle techniques may be incorporated into your treatment. These other techniques include moxibustion and gua sha.

Cupping therapy consists of the application of a suction cup to the affected area of the body. This acts as a vacuum to bring stagnated blood to the surface of the body.  The process increases healthy circulation of blood, breaks down muscular adhesions, enhances joint mobility, and decreases pain.

Moxibustion utilizes an herb that is applied to the skin and heated.  This is particularly well suited for treating gastrointestinal conditions, immunodeficiency conditions, certain types of pain, and menstrual conditions.

Gua sha is a skin scraping technique that utilizes a spoon shaped tool to release areas of pain and dysfunction. The goal of this technique is to release muscular adhesions and restore optimal blood flow.